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We’re in the business of transforming lives. It’s that simple.


  • Have healthier relationships with friends, family, partners and even colleagues
  • Do better at work and even have a better relationship with a difficult boss (You knew it wasn’t all on you, right?)
  • Feel excited about waking up in the morning again and stop living for weekends and vacation
  • Work through trauma, depression, and anxiety to live a healthier happier life
  • Identify their values and live a joy and purpose filled life
  • Create a meaningful career through identifying your unique purpose and passion
  • Get clear on what they want and how to get there
  • Get better at dating so they can find “The One”.


  • Stop the bickering and learn to work together
  • Work through the same old arguments and move forward in their relationships
  • Prioritize their relationship after having kids
  • Make decisions around separation and divorce
  • Plan a healthier separation with less hostility by creating custody, access and separation plans BEFORE things get out of control and expensive in the court system
  • Work through infidelity to determine if it’s a deal breaker or the relationship can be saved
  • Address new roles in second marriages and step-parenting issues
  • Have better sex. Really.


  • Help manage behaviours and identify what’s “normal” and what’s not
  • Help manage things with the school so you stop getting all the calls all the time
  • Work through trauma and other issues that impact emotions and development
  • Set up structure and routines that work for your family regardless of age and stage of development. Yes, even the toddlers and the teens. We’ve been there and parented that
  • Create parenting plans during and post separation
  • Manage step-parenting relationships and issues
  • Child-centred/parent informed counselling and interventions.

It's time to get unstuck!

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