Parenting during and following parental separation can be really rough. You’ve decided to separate because you no longer get along, you’ve been fighting, or there’s been infidelity. And now you’re supposed to co-parent and share custody and decision making? The irony of trying to get along well enough to parent together and to help your kids through their parents divorce isn’t lost on us. And we can help!

We offer a variety of co-parenting services both here and through our sister site at The Ontario Co-Parenting Centre (coming soon!) Unlike regular counselling agencies, we welcome separating parents and families involved with the courts. Because we know that this is usually the time that families need the most help. Our practice has a high conflict specialist who works with parents to restructure boundaries, assist in arranging separation agreements and co-parenting plans, and helps parents move from spouses to parenting partners. We have a child and adolescent therapists to work with your kids, two men’s therapists, and therapists who work with women, along with a high conflict specialist to sort through the issues, boundaries, custody and access.

We offer the following services:

  • Family Restructuring Therapy for parents (Online only)
  • Play/Art/Talk therapy for kids and adolescents
  • Parenting plans and separation agreements (Online)
  • Counselling and therapeutic support
  • Voice of the Child Reports
  • s. 31 Custody Assessments
  • Parent Co-ordination Services (Online only)

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