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We take a strengths based approach to all of the client’s we work with individually. Whatever you’ve got going on in your life, there are unique strengths and gifts that are already inside of you that can create change and help you heal. Our specialty is finding your strengths, addressing problems, and helping you achieve optimal functioning in your life regardless of what brought you to our group.

Some of the issues we specialize in are:

  • Finding your purpose and passion
  • High conflict custody issues and post separation parenting
  • Trauma healing
  • Workplace issues
  • Racial and cultural issues at work and in society
  • Interracial relationships
  • FASD
  • Creating meaningful work
  • First Nations issues and traditional counselling and healing methods
  • Managing anger, stress, and depression
  • Being single, online dating, and single parenting
  • Dealing with your family
  • How to rise up after a fall
  • Entrepreneur coaching/career changes
  • Substance use and misuse- finding healthier ways to cope
  • Dealing with your ex
  • Sexual/erectile dysfunction
  • Parenting issues
  • Special needs kids and parenting

Got an issue that’s not on the list? Contact us using the form at the bottom and we’ll match you with a therapist who can help.


Sometimes families need help in finding a way to work together that meets everyone’s needs. Whether you’re a family struggling with life altering changes such as divorce or re-marriage, or you’ve entered that fun phase of rebellious adolescence with your children, we can help. Since we’re all parents as well as therapists, we’ve got this because we’ve done this.


Parenting is hard. Really, really hard. We know that because we’re parents. And sometimes children need a safe place to talk and work through challenges in their lives with an adult that they trust. We have therapists with extensive experience in working with children of all ages through talk therapy, play, and in groups. Contact us for a free consultation or an initial needs assessment and let’s help your kids and you’re family thrive.


One of us is actually a foster parent of children with special needs so it’s not just theory and no life experience here. We provide counselling for foster and adoptive parents who are struggling with parenting traumatized children or children with high needs and need specialized assistance. We get it. We really do. (Check with your agency as some of our services may be covered.)


No one said it would be easy. Being part of a long term relationship, that is. We can help couples re-learn constructive communication habits, assist them in letting go of old pain and unrealistic expectations, and help partners get to the root of some of their own personal issues that impact on their relationship. Relationship focused therapy provides partners with a better understanding of your partner and yourself and helps you work more productively and lovingly together. Less bickering, more fun.


Relationship counselling is generally focused on trying to save and rebuild a relationship but we also recognize that sometimes relationships can’t be saved. In these situations, we assist couples in the process of considering separation to look at their relationship and determine if their relationship is salvageable and if partners have the willingness and ability to work together to rebuild their partnership. If you come to the decision to separate, we help make that as minimally painful and disruptive as possible with specific tools to help you and your family through the separation process.


It’s a pretty awful time for families when parents decide that separation/divorce is the only way to move forward. We know you kind of loathe each other and you’re considering going to court to deal with the children. And your stuff. And your property.

But hang on a minute.

Court is expensive and the lawyers are really the only ones that come out of this process intact.  And sometimes, no  matter what “evidence”  you put before them, no matter how awful your ex is, judges just make bad decisions and no one wins. Except the lawyers. (We love lawyers, we really do. But there’s a time and a place.)

What if you could do it differently? Without having to sell everything you own to pay the lawyers and the court costs? And what if you could manage to help the kids through the big issues around custody, access, holidays, and all that parenting stuff? That’s hard to do at the best of times but really, really hard when you’re pretty much done with your partner.

Working towards a positive (or at least a less financially and emotionally devastating) separation can help to minimize the emotional damage that can happen when parents separate and the fights about the kids begin. Doing this type of program &/or counselling can also prevent huge financial costs when lengthy court battles drag on. A particular focus of this type of therapy is developing a shared and workable parenting plan for children of separating parents in a way that makes sense to all family members.

We are literally experts at that. With a combined 75 years of work experience in child welfare and family court proceedings, along with the development of parenting plans and clinical work for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, we’ve done this a lot. Let us help you figure things out before you’re bankrupt and everyone is miserable. Well, more miserable than you are right now.  We screen our separating couples carefully to ensure that you’re right for our services and the initial 15 minute consultation is always free.


We believe in safety, privacy, and confidentiality. If you have safety issues, please advise in the the contact information as to the best way to connect and what you’d like us to say so that you know it’s us but so no one else knows it’s us. If you need us to be your great aunt Susan, we can do that. No worries. We offer a 20 minute free consultation to determine if we’re a good fit. At the end of the consult, we’ll decide together whether you’re ready to move forward with counselling services with us.

Let’s talk.

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