Tim Kelly, BA., MSW., RSW

TimTim Kelly, BA., MSW., RSW

Tim has spent much of his career working with men to improve their lives, functioning, and relationships. He works with men to help address issues such as anger, irritability, trauma, intimacy, and communication. Often times men have been been raised in an environment and culture where experiencing emotions was unacceptable. If you were taught to suck it up and that men don’t express emotion, then it’s probably hard to even identify what you’re feeling, let alone begin to fix it. If you’ve struggled to find your feelings, can’t understand what your partner wants from you, tend to keep others at a distance, or do whatever you can to avoid feeling difficult emotions, it might be time to talk to someone.

Tim helps men identify, learn to deal with, and effectively express emotions in ways that that are more adaptive and can help preserve and strengthen their relationships. Men who work with Tim can expect to be supported and listened to in an atmosphere of acceptance and confidentiality. Tim also works with couples, helping them to improve communication skills, increase intimacy, and create a stronger partnership.

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