Jenna Hill, BA., MSW., RSW

Jenna Hill, Therapist and Executive Director at Southern Ontario Counselling Services
Jenna Hill, BA., MSW, RSW

Jenna Hill is the Executive Director and a high conflict specialist at Southern Ontario Counselling Services. She is Mohawk and a member of the Bear Clan.

Jenna spent almost 20 years in child welfare before leaving to work for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer and in private practice. She teaches law and counselling skills at the Anishinabek Educational Institute (AEI) in the Traditional Aboriginal Healing Methods program and the Child Welfare Advocate (Band Rep) program. She has extensive knowledge in the areas of FASD, child custody and access, high conflict parents, special needs children and families, and co-parenting work.

Jenna believes that working with children in separating families is a specialized area of practice that deserves more of our attention and clinicians willing to take on this challenging work. Children caught in the middle are some of our most vulnerable kids and they and their parents deserve to be able to participate in services and counselling. While most agencies will not work with families currently in the court system, Jenna is passionate about helping other therapists develop their skills and practice to work with these families and to make services more accessible and less scary for service providers.

Jenna, as a single parent, has taken a “Covid-19” leave to be home with her children. She is currently providing supervision and consultation by phone and video conferencing for clinicians and other professionals working with high conflict families and separating parents. She also provides consultations for therapists working with First Nations clients and families. She can be reached at 506-346-1313.

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