Holly White, BA., MSW., RSW.

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Holly White, MSW., RSW.

Holly White comes to our practice with a background in working with children and adolescents and trauma. She also has experience in working with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, body confidence (hello, teen girls!), as well as self-harm and gender identity.

Holly is particularly skilled at working with teens to address areas that they’re struggling with. She helps teens and children by helping them feel heard, allowing them to have a voice, and by helping to increase their coping skills. Holly is able to work with parents to address issues at home and at school, and will help your child function better, regardless of the issues they’re struggling with.

If you’re getting calls from the school, or your child is turning into someone you don’t recognize, or your child is struggling with family changes or has experienced trauma, connect with us to schedule a session with Holly at 519-637-7117 or by email at holly.counsellingservices@gmail.com.

Counselling for teens St. Thomas, Counselling for kids St. Thomas
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