Darryl DeRoches, BA., MSW., RSW

Darryl DeRoches, BA., MSW., RSW

Darryl comes to Southern Ontario Counselling Services with a long history of child welfare work, both in the front line and in management. He has a unique understanding of issues facing first responders, front line trauma, vicarious trauma, and PTSD in the work place.

Darryl also works exclusively with men’s issues and address such things as relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, work issues, sexuality and erectile dysfunction. He has extensive experience in coaching and working with men around issues that impact their daily lives and in their relationships with partners and family. Darryl has experience in working with kink-positive and BDSM individuals in a supportive and accepting manner. He’s not here to change clients but to support them in whatever way necessary.

Darryl worked for many years with First Nations people and has extensive training and a thorough understanding of Indigenous knowledge and healing. Although not First Nations, Darryl was honoured to receive his spirit name from Elder Peter Ochiese after spending many years bringing Indigenous youth to ceremonies and assisting them in reconnecting with their culture and nations.

Darryl is easy to connect with, has a great sense of humour, and brings a wealth of experience and understanding to his work that makes it easy for men to share their stories and get help with the issues that impact them.

You can connect with Darryl by emailing us at southernontariocounselling@gmail.com to book an appointment.

Darryl is available, days, evenings, and some weekends because he knows getting time away from work isn’t always possible during the day.

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