Colette Chapman, BA., MSW, RSW

Colette Chapman, BA., MSW., RSW

Colette is a fiercely authentic therapist and Black woman with extensive experience in child welfare, race issues, interracial relationships, and parenting issues. She has recently begun training in FASD work under the neuro-behavioural model to help children affected by prenatal alcohol exposure and their caregivers.

Working from an understanding of needing to have tough conversations to address race issues in the workplace, depression, and anxiety, and relationship issues, Colette is extremely skilled at getting to core issues with clients that interfere with their functioning. Colette knows that pretending things are okay when they’re not leaves people stuck and unable to move forward. Colette is direct, warm, funny, and works to create an atmosphere of complete acceptance with clients as they work through their difficulties.

Colette knows that not everyone has flexible work hours or easy going bosses so she works evenings Tuesday through Thursday.

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