Southern Ontario Counselling Services was established by a small group of independent therapists and social workers who identified a need for open, transparent, and specialized therapeutic services for people and organizations in the Southern Ontario area.


First of all, we don’t do jargon or therapy talk. We talk like real people because we are real people. Who happen to be therapists.

So you’e not going to hear us talking about empowerment, collaborative change process, and stuff like that. We believe in all of  those good things but we’re more about you telling us what’s going on and us helping you sort through things in ways that make sense.

Southern Ontario Counselling Services

We’ve got tons of education, years of training, and a whole lot of helping other people to draw upon.

Our team is made of up highly trained therapists who, in addition to having a private practice, have extensive work experience in hospitals, child welfare, school boards, the court system, and other great places where we’ve gained experience in working with a whole bunch of different kinds of people, groups, and problems. Some of us have so much helping experience, we actually teach others how to become great therapists.

And because we like honesty, transparency, and straight talk, it’s fair to say that some of us have also been clients in therapy ourselves from time to time. We know good therapy because we’ve had it. We’ve also had some bad therapy. The therapists that just don’t get it, or talk in jargon, or want to try out the new training they just finished, or are pushing their books on you. Ewww.

We developed Southern Ontario Counselling Services and hand picked our team because we want to work differently. We have real life experience, we’re not fresh out of school, and we’re parents as well as people. The clients we’ve worked with say that we just get it. We’ve struggled, we’ve fallen, and we keep getting up. Sound familiar?

We like to think of counselling or therapy or coaching as you would when you think about maintaining your vehicle. It doesn’t matter how expensive, tricked out, or simple the vehicle, they all need maintenance. People are the same. They break down, they need direction, they get lost. We see ourselves kind of like good mechanics.

And we want to be clear that we’re not above you, even though we might be experts in our field, we’re simply people who have made helping others our life work. All mechanical talk aside, we’re pretty darn good therapists.

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