Jennifer Wilson, RN, CPMHN(c), DBT Therapist

DBT therapist St. Thomas Ontario, DBT therapy, counselling for adolescents
Jennifer Wilson, RN

Jennifer has worked with adolescents and young people for over thirty years to help improve their mental health and coping abilities. She knows that emotional issues and coping difficulties during the adolescent and young adult years can be barriers to functioning, and to enjoying and thriving through this amazing growth period. Early interventions to assess needs and receive the appropriate level of help and treatment is key to changing problematic symptoms and patterns, and to engaging more fully in life.

Jennifer’s approach is to provide treatment and supports that are person centered, flexible, holistic, strength based, and to engage in a real relationship with clients and their families. She is trained as a DBT Therapist (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) and has used this method in her work to change the lives of struggling youth. Her focus is helping clients understand and validate what has happened in their lives to bring them to where they are, and to learn new skills to improve their functioning. Jennifer helps her clients and their family members to understand emerging and/or ongoing mental health struggles. She can help clients figure out what they need, support their path toward their own goals and build a life that is worth living.

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