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We are looking for highly educated, well trained, and experienced counsellors, social workers, and therapists, to work with us in our practice. Southern Ontario Counselling Services provides screening and referrals for qualified practitioners looking to work part or full time in private practice. In addition to referrals, you’ll have access to our data base of forms and clinical packages and our office space which includes a conference room and play therapy room. Word of warning… we’re super picky about who we choose to work with for a lot of reasons. Most importantly we care about the services we provide to clients. And almost as important, we want to work with really awesome people.

We’re particularly interested in chatting with First Nations counsellors and those who have a thorough understanding of First Nations issues and have been previously approved by FNIHB. If you’re a therapist wanting to work with First Nations clients specifically, we can help you get approved to provide services through FNIHB as well as providing clinical supervision.

Prior to contacting us you will need to have the following in place:

  • Masters or PhD in Social Work, Counselling Psychology, Educational Psychology, CAMFT, and have a minimum of five years in practice either in an organization or private/group practice
  • Be a registered Psychologist, Psychotherapist, or Social Worker with your provincial College or licensing body in good standing
  • Have liability insurance in place as per your regulating body
  • Have a completed police record check including a vulnerable sector check within the past 6 months
  • Up to date resume outlining your education, work experience, and specific trainings
  • Be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement and abide by a code of conduct
  • Be willing to abide by our policies and procedures
  • Excellent references


We are able to provide clinical supervision for counsellors with a Masters degree in Social Work and those working with First Nations clients however, supervision through our organization is not mandatory unless you are accepting First Nations clients. There are no supervision fees if you are contracted to work with us. If you are working with First Nations people and families through Southern Ontario Counselling Services, supervision is mandatory to ensure that assessments and therapeutic techniques are culturally informed and relevant. 

For therapists outside of our organization, we offer supervision at $60 an hour.

Get in touch with us below and let’s talk. We’re hiring!

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